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Villa Vollono was built in 1890 on project of the architect Eugenio Cosenza, author of the Harmonic Box of the Villa of Castellammare of Stabia and other realized villas, for the more in style liberty, between the end of the eight hundred and the beginning of the nine hundred.
The building is mainly characterized for the employment of forms drawn by the Gothic and Renaissance architectural repertoire, as well as from elements of notable originality of the liberty typicall style to sixth reduced and the bugnato to you tan.

Thanks to these characteristics Villa Vollono is considered worthy to be preserved and protected what example in Campania of eclecticism storicistico that the eight hundred European architectural production has characterized.
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The 9 November of 1993 the Villa has been declared of particular artistic historical interest from the Office of the Cultural and Environmental Goods and submitted to tie to the senses of the law 1 June 1939 ns.
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ha partecipato alla Bmt di Napoli
edizione 2011

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